6: [Theatre] What Escaped from the Demonic Z.O.O.O.O. (part 1)

-- Thu 20 August 2020
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On the first ever episode of FOSS and Crafts Theatre (a new subshow of FOSS and Crafts), Chris and Morgan are joined by veteran role playing game players Nick and LP to bring everyone a story of three demonic employees of the international conglomerate, Demonstrative Industries. Something has escaped from the Demonic Z.O.O.O.O. to the human realm, and its up to our demon heroes to clean up the mess before anyone finds out. Can they succeed in their mission and keep their corporate overlords pleased with them, or will things get dramatically out of hand... or perhaps something in-between? Find out on today's episode (part one of two)!


  • If you haven't already, perhaps listen to FOSS & Crafts Episode 1: Collabortive Storytelling with Dice which introduces the idea of narrative RPGs. (That's also where we floated the idea to listeners of doing live RPG episodes as a way of generating new free culture content, to which we got an enthusiastic response, leading to this new sub-show!)

  • See also Freeform Universal (the RPG system used for this episode, explained in depth in Episode 1)!