About FOSS and Crafts

FOSS and Crafts was conceived as an overly ambitious plan to unite the co-host's interests of study while saying "gosh, aren't all these problems related", and nodding confidently to themselves that all these themes would fit nicely together and everyone would be interested in them.

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About the hosts

Embroidered teacup

Morgan Lemmer-Webber is an art historian, avid crafter, and FOSS user and advocate. She has a PhD in Art History from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. A lifelong exploration of various handcrafts and media inspired her dissertation research on women and textile production in the Roman empire. Morgan is also interested in the intersection of FOSS and academia, particularly in the context of digital humanities research. She built the original digitization of the William Ramsay ledger as a custom static site generator in Python. She looks forward to doing more digital humanities exploration as soon as her PhD dissertation is out the door.

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Christine Lemmer-Webber is a long-time user freedom advocate. Her degree in interdisciplinary humanities with a focus on philosophy and ethics has informed her approach to free and open source software and free culture. She is mostly known for her work co-authoring and co-editing the ActivityPub distributed social network protocol. In previous times of her life she worked as tech lead at Creative Commons, co-founded MediaGoblin, started and ran the Liberated Pixel Cup, and kicked off the work on CC BY-SA 4.0 and GPL compatibility. These days her primary work is on Spritely, a project to improve the security of federated social networks and bridge them with virtual worlds. When she isn't programming, she enjoys cooking, sketching, and making ASCII art.