49: Lisp but Beautiful; Lisp for Everyone

-- Thu 14 July 2022
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Dreaming of a structured wisp future, from the talk

Morgan's out sick! And yet Morgan is still in this episode! And that's because this episode is the audio version of a talk by the very same name from FOSDEM 2022, co-presented by Christine and Morgan! But since Morgan isn't here, Christine fills in, and also gets a bit silly.

HACK AND CRAFT SCHEME TUTORIALS! The last live scheme tutorial went really well! And relatedly, Christine and the Spritely Institute just published A Scheme Primer, which is more or less the text version of that presentation! The next live verison of the sheme tutorial will be hosted at Hack & Craft! Come this Saturday, July 16, 2pm-4pm ET (6pm-8pm UTC)! We're planning to record this one!

Oh, and bonus Fructure gif:

Fructure in action!