30: Gender and Sexuality, A Personal Perspective

-- Sun 27 June 2021
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On this episode, Chris talks about being nonbinary trans-femme and Morgan talks about being demisexual (and briefly about both being pansexual) and how they have both navigated these experiences in their lives and relationship.

A picture of Chris and Morgan together


  • There are a lot of resources on the internet about being transgender and nonbinary, and opinions about most of them tend to run strong. That said, Transgender Map has good resources explaining many concerns for those who are transgender or nonbinary, are trying to figure out if they are transgender or nonbinary, and support materials for family and friends.

  • demisexuality.org

  • WebMD article on demisexuality. Note that despite what Chris says on the episode, the page itself does not mention narrative components of demisexual attraction, but rather emotional ones. The extrapolation of application to narrative aspects came more from Morgan and Chris talking through Morgan's manifestation of those aspects.

  • Chris's "Alpha Release" post about being nonbinary trans-femme with pictures, on the fediverse and on Twitter (and later update). (These were the first pictures Chris took in a more directly "femme" gender expression and do not reflect the current state of the development branch.)

  • Morgan's coming out thread about being demisexual, on the fediverse and on Twitter.

  • That sketchover self-portrait that Chris mentioned (overlaid over photo)