28: FOSS Stitch w/ Elana Hashman and Katie McLaughlin

-- Sun 23 May 2021
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Demo render of an alpaca embroidery pattern, with a rendered alpaca image

Elana Hashman (Python Software Foundation Fellow and open source hacker) and Katie McLaughlin (Python Software Foundation Fellow and crafter) join us to talk about F(L)OSS meets embroidery and cross stitching (FOSS stitching?) including a significant conversation about FLOSS vs embroidery floss.

Much is also conversed about ih, a project started by Katie with contributions from Elana, a python project which helps generate embroidery patterns from images.


Still here? How about some extra images?

Morgan's needlework of an alpaca, made with alpaca fiber:

Needlework of an alpaca

Kirby quilt that Morgan did for a babby:

Needlework of an alpaca