26: Dr. Morgan Lemmer-Webber, an academic journey

-- Fri 23 April 2021
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Remember how we've been saying the entire run of this show "Morgan's hard at work at finishing her PhD dissertation?" Well guess what! She finally got it handed in and defended it... Morgan is now officially Dr. Morgan Lemmer-Webber! (She still has to wrap up a few edits but hey it's official now!)

Morgan walks us through her experiences of the graduate school process, from applying (and re-applying) to schools, to a masters program, to a PhD program, and the many fun steps, bumps, and adventures in-between.

Not much in terms of show notes this episode, but here are some pictures!

Chris hovering with an envelope to hopefully congratulate Morgan

Morgan's face after finally being called "Doctor Morgan Lemmer-Webber" by her committee

The Roman two-beam loom

Morgan working with the Roman two-beam loom

Congratulations again, Morgan!