51: #vanlife...?

-- Sat 01 October 2022
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A peek into the van

Morgan and Christine walk through their (well, Morgan's) renovation of a cargo van into a campervan. This is a very crafty episode, but we do work in a few analogies to some FOSS (and open hardware) things!

Show notes at the end, but how about a quick visual van tour?

Back of the van, wide open!

Van from back, doors wide open

A closer look...

Van from back, closer

Actually, let's move that solar panel aside...

Van from back, move that solar panel aside

Here's a better view of the cabinet with all the equipment attached:

View of cabinet with cargo net, dowels, cargo strap on

Here's what the van looks like if you come in the side door:

View from side entrance, straight view

Another, more diagonal view:

View from side entrance, diagonal view

Safety first!

Looking at cabinet with safety equipment from side

Window covers, custom fit! Reflectix goes out, fabric goes in.

Window cover

The cabinet with the cargo net off...

View of cabinet with cargo net off

And one more view!

View of cabinet with cargo net off, diagonally